What Is The Qualification For Digital Marketing As Per The Year 2020?

Qualification For Digital Marketing In 2020

A Sneak Peek Into History Although digital marketing was popularised in the early 2000s, its existence dates back to more than 100 years ago.

In 1896, Guglielmo Marconi became the first person to demonstrate the ‘live transmission of wireless signals’. Using this principle, the radio was developed by him. Within a very short span of time, the business acumen of the human race began to find ways and means to tap its potential as an advanced means of advertisement.

There came a historic moment when an opera performance was broadcast live via radio, and guess what? There was an overwhelming mass of people who bought tickets for the show. This saw the inception of the strategy of digital marketing.

Digital Marketing Qualification

What is Digital Marketing & Qualification for Digital Marketing

The concept of traditional marketing has faded away. With the advent of digital marketing, the idea of billboards advertising has become dead now. Digital Marketing is defined as a means of marketing through electronic devices and digital channels like social media, Facebook, mobile applications, email, search engines, and many more such platforms. They are more captivating and act as giant crowd pullers.

These platforms generate more revenue and hence, dominate the marketing sector. Qualification For Digital Marketing In the modern era of ever-changing technology and trends, with each trying to capture the playing field, it is essential to continuously evolve and adapt to the latest technology. There is a need to keep oneself updated with the new technological developments in the arena of digital marketing.

The companies prefer to hire graduates who have an industry-recognized degree in digital marketing. To be a stalwart in this field, one needs to be adroit in the following skills, which may be considered as the entry requirements for digital marketing.


Making and Editing Videos Course

Videos are a perfect concoction of audiovisual elements and are rich in engaging content. The videos create an aura of more personal experience. When consumers see a face promoting a brand or product or service, it is easier to gain trust. Research shows that about 80% of the people purchase items after watching a video-based advertisement. A video creates a way for greater interaction with the public. Hence it is necessary for people in this sector to have good knowledge in the creation of videos and editing it using tools like Adobe Premiere, Apple Final Cut Pro X and the likes.


Entry Requirements for Digital Marketing Basic Qualification

SEO and SEM (Search Engine Optimisation and Search Engine Marketing) One needs to have basic knowledge of SEO and should know how to implement the best practices. One should have the skill of delving into an in-depth analysis of SEM and use it effectively as a digital strategy.

Data Analytics

Apart from gathering and using information collected from reliable sources, it is required for any person in the field of digital marketing to be analytical enough to study consumer behavior and be creative and innovative to suggest solutions and boost campaign growth. Communication Skills

Be persuasive and build on your communication skills so that you can convince others in the group about the effectiveness of your modalities. This is where teamwork comes into play. It is considered to be a very important requirement for digital marketing.


Tech savviness

In the present age, every industry runs on the cogs of technology. It is mandatory for all people interested in digital marketing to be dexterous in the latest technological advancements like web coding, Content Management services like WordPress and ao on. Although there is no compulsory qualification specified as entry requirements in digital marketing, a degree gives leverage to one’s position and CV and heightens the chances of being hired by a company.


Minimum qualification for a digital marketing course

Anyone who has cleared the twelfth-grade examination is eligible to get admission to a diploma course in digital marketing. The minimum qualification for digital marketing courses on online platforms requires one to be a graduate (10+2+3 level of education) from any recognized university or educational institution under UGC, AICTE, DEC, AIU or state government or other equivalent examinations at the international forum. However, some courses are open only to working professionals or interns ( in digital marketing) with at least 2 years of working experience or MBA graduates. Tech savviness and communication skills are added qualifications, which may be treated as entry requirements for digital marketing courses.


Educational Qualifications For Digital Marketing.

Educational qualifications may vary depending on the position a person holds in the niche of digital marketing. In general, one should be well equipped to initiate effective marketing campaigns online and should have good knowledge of SEO. The basic qualification for digital marketing, which is generally preferred, is a Bachelor’s degree in Internet Marketing to get a seat in Digital Marketing Speciality and a Master’s Degree would enable one to apply for a job as Digital Marketing Manager.


Digital marketing post graduate course


One can embark on certificate programs to ace at skills related to SEO, pay per click advertisements, web analytics, etc to be qualified to enter into digital marketing. Besides, a general study in finances, campaign management, and strategic marketing is essential.

Basic Qualification for Digital Marketing

A digital marketing course can streamline the aspirants to take up specialized courses or sector-specific courses like social media marketing, digital strategy and planning, content and inbound marketing and email marketing.

By focusing on these advanced courses, one increases the chance of employability. The basic qualifications of digital marketing include the ability to sell products and services, work out on initiatives to start online campaigns, dexterity in skills of communication, leadership, mathematics, customer services, business management, handling technology, writing, and editing, web development, analysis of data and project management.


Requirements for Digital Marketing Course

Conclusion Adaptation and teamwork are essential requirements for digital marketing. Graduation in Internet Marketing or a course in digital marketing ( after graduation) helps one develop skills and confidence. This increases the chances of being employed by the companies. Basic knowledge in all fields and an in-depth study in some areas like SEO techniques are all that a person requires to kickstart one’s career in digital marketing.

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