Jio Mart business opportunities: How will it Benefit Local Sellers in 2020

How Jio Mart Business Opportunities will benefit Local Sellers?

With the advent of online retail stories consumers are not only able to buy their monthly groceries from the comfort of their homes but are also availing numerous benefits like discounted prices, express deliveries and easy- returns.

With the launch of its Pilot-Project in Mumbai and its suburbs, Reliance Industries has also moved into the Online Retail and Shopping Segment. Jio Mart, though still in its nascent stage is already heading to give a tight competition to E-commerce Giants Like Amazon and Flipkart are already occupying a major chunk of online retail Business.

Jio Mart Business Opportunities for Local Indian Seller

Amazon with its Amazon pantry has been successfully delivering daily staples to its millions of customers already. With JIOMART on the map, Reliance Industries is also looking to penetrate this segment. It has already tied up with Local Retailers in Mumbai, Thane, and Kalyan region.

“Jio mart at present is adding local Kirana shop owners to its platforms. We are already training them on Inventory Management, GST and Integrated Billing System, and Point of Sale.” said an Official.

Jio Mart Business Model

Jio Mart termed as “Desh Ki Nayi Dukan” will be tieing up with these local shop owners to fulfill its customer’s order. This has been deduced by experts a cost-effective business model as it will be reducing the logistics cost and delivery time manifold. According to sources, the business model is very much in line with other E-commerce Giants, however, Reliance is focusing on nullifying the need to manage an Inventory.

“Your day to day needs will be fulfilled by your nearest store only, we are working as a middle-man who will connect you to it”, said another official during the launch.

Jio Mart Pre Registration Process Started

The pre-registration process has already started on the Reliance website, customers can avail discounts up to Rs 3000. However, the pan-India Launch of Jio Mart is still awaited.

Experts suggest that after a successful launch in Mumbai. JioMart could move to Tier 1 cities Like Delhi, Kolkata, Banglore, and Hyderabad by the end of this quarter. However, the launch dates are yet to be announced. Once Jio will start operating in other cities it will get more attention than any other competitors, As it will be completely Indian Seller Account so we can expect more features as per Indian Market, Seller Account registration to one-day delivery, It will get more traffic and new seller can consider this opportunity as one the biggest opportunity to start business online, as we all know Flipkart and amazon India has many sellers but because of Jio Mart Marketplace Sellers will get new opportunity to become Brand in very short time

Trust Factor to Sell on Jio Mart

Indian Market trust Reliance Industry and any Products or Service from Reliance, Jio Mart will get high traffic due to the trust factor and any seller on this platform will get the advantage to sell in high volume.


Jio Mart will Bring Lots of Opportunities for Online and Local Seller, It has already started Pre Registration in Mumbai and soon it will be available in other Top Cities of India, Keep reading for a new update about Jio Mart Seller Account Registration Process

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